Organisational Health Needs / Health risk assessment Services

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Organisational Health Needs / Health risk assessment Services

Kays Medical pride themselves in delivering Occupational Health services tailored to the specific needs of their clients using a risk / evidence-based approach.

All business’s create health risk within their overall operations whether they be of a physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and / or a psychological origin.

As specialists in managing and mitigating workplace / occupational health risk to employees and workplace communities, Kays Medical seeks through effective workplace recognition, anticipation and assessment tools to ensure that its client base effectively manages workplace health responsibilities in the most appropriate fashion.

In a similar manner we aim to help organisations gain a competitive business edge, by ensuring employee health is optimised at all opportunities, including through leading sickness absence management systems, lifestyle risk assessment and wellbeing management interventions.

Kays medical have dedicated specialist resources to work with all manner of organisational management, HR teams and HSE specialists in order to design occupational health interventions in a systematic and evidence-based manner. These programmes always seek to add value to employee workplace health and wellbeing programmes, as well as mitigate operational health risks through proactive and scheduled interventions”.

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