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  • Coping with Stress (10)

    £2.39 + VAT
    Everyday life brings with it challenges and unexpected events. These situations can sometimes be described as stressful. Most of us have experienced a level of stress at some time or other in our lives and how you cope with it...
  • Cut Down on Salt (10)

    £2.39 + VAT
    If you want to cut down on salt, this booklet can help. This booklet helps you understand how much salt you should eat and how to identify high salt foods. It provides practical tips and recipe ideas to help you...
  • Diabetes and your Heart (10)

    £2.39 + VAT
    People with diabetes have a greater risk of developing heart disease than people who don’t have diabetes. So keeping your diabetes under control will help to protect your heart health as much as possible.This booklet is for people who have...
  • Get Active/ Stay Active Booklet (10)

    £2.39 + VAT
    This A5 booklet helps you understand why you need to keep your heart healthy with physical activity. It also gives you tips and tools to work physical activity into your daily routine. The following resources come as part of the...
  • Health Eating – Eating Well Booklet (50)

    £11.92 + VAT
    With sections for you to work through and top tips and practical ideas, Eating well explains the benefits of a balanced diet and how you can follow a healthy eating plan as part of your daily life.
  • Keep Your Heart Healthy Booklet (10)

    £2.39 + VAT
    This booklet explains that making changes to your lifestyle can help you look after your heart and reduce your risk of developing certain heart conditions, such as coronary heart disease (angina and heart attack) and having a stroke. These conditions...
  • So you want to Lose Weight for Good (10)

    £2.39 + VAT
    This booklet will help you to lose weight steadily and gradually. It includes advice on a balanced diet and portion sizes, as well as an eating plan and progress chart, to guide you step by step so you can lose...
  • Take Time Out Leaflet (10)

    £1.96 + VAT
     Short guide is full of ideas to help you lower your stress levels and keep your body and mind healthy. Comes with a planner to help you pinpoint likely ‘danger spots’ for stressful situations and plan in some stress-busting activities. Part of...
  • Time to Quit Leaflet (10)

    £1.96 + VAT
    A quick guide explaining why it’s important to quit smoking. Talks about different ways to quit and how to find people who can help you. Comes with a challenge chart to help you plan how you’re going to quit and tick off...