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  • Bic Razors (10)

    £1.74 + VAT
    BIC 1 razors disposable for ease of use and for sensitive skin.
  • Bic Razors (5)

    £1.91 + VAT
    The classic Bic shaver for sensitive skin is a single-blade shaver that delivers an easy and simple shave. It gives a smooth and close shave for sensitive skin.
  • Gallant Disposable Preparation Razor

    £0.52 + VAT
    &nbsp;Razor blade&nbsp;made of platinum coated Swedish quality stainless steel. <BR>&nbsp;Slight fingertip pressure allows&nbsp;high quality blade to smoothly shave close to&nbsp;skin without creating skin irritations or cuts.<BR>&nbsp;To ensure&nbsp;that razor, for hygienic reasons, can not be re-used,&nbsp;blade part of&nbsp;razor can be snapped...
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    Prep Razor Double Sided Non-Sterile Disposable (Singles)

    £0.99 + VAT
    Contoured handle.<BR> Protective cover.<BR> Double-sided fixed head.<BR> Stainless steel blades.<BR> Individually packaged.<BR> Non sterile.<BR> Disposable.
  • Prep Razor Non-Sterile Disposable (Singles)

    £0.27 + VAT
    Designed for the removal of body hair prior to patient surgery or monitoring. <BR>&nbsp;Razors are recommended for wet shaving. <BR>&nbsp;Supplied with safety covers. <BR> Latex free.
  • Razor Skin Preparation Non-Sterile (100)

    £24.07 + VAT
    <P> Disposable razors, suitable for prepping patients before procedures or for the removal of hair before wax treatments or tanning. <BR> The blade provides a close shave with no discomfort, and comes with a protective plastic cover.<BR> Counter top dispenser.<BR>...