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Medical Equipment Ecg Machines

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  • Omron HeartScan ECG Unit

    £347.99 + VAT
    The Omron HeartScan HCG-801 is: Portable Compact Cordless Single-channel Simple Fast DiscreteThe new HeartScan HCG-801 ECG Monitor senses the heart waveform and indicates potential ECG abnormalities. Ultra portable Arrhythmia screening device Basic interpretive to assist rapid diagnosis No messy gels,...
  • Omron Heartscan Inital Unit With Software And Card Reader

    £534.49 + VAT
    HeartScan, Software disc, card reader.The unique features of the single-channel HeartScan ECG Monitor make this a versatile multi-purpose tool for medical professionals. The cordless operation and direct on-screen display allows a quick-scan of the heart condition. The ECG analysis provides...
  • seca CT3000i Interpretive ECG Machine

    £1,329.00 + VAT
    12 lead, 3 Channel ECG with high quality interpretive programme Auto-start button automatically produces the ECG traces complete with Rhythm Strip, Measurements and Interpretation Filters for baseline, electrical and muscle tremor interference, providing clear traces Lead off warning and identification...
  • Seca CT320 ECG with USB Connectivity

    £1,799.00 + VAT
    The seca CT320 with USB connectivity acquires the ECG on any computer / laptop within your healthcare network. Allowing you to directly transfer the patient’s ECG report into your Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Compatible with all leading EMR systems e.g.,...
  • Seca CT321 PC Based Interpretive ECG Machine with Bluetooth

    £2,099.00 + VAT
    PC based interpretive ECG Machine with Bluetooth connectivity Innovative Medical Bluetooth Technology removing the need for a USB cable connection, allowing greater flexibility in large clinic rooms. The seca CT321 acquires the ECG on any computer / laptop within your...
  • seca CT6i Interpretive ECG Machine

    £1,899.00 + VAT
    12 Channel ECG with high quality interpretive programme Choice of up to 12 leads per page or the popular 4 x 3 leads plus Rhythm Strip, Intervals and Interpretation on one A4 page Auto-start one touch operation or manual real...
  • seca CT8000i Interpretive ECG Machine

    £1,849.00 + VAT
    Compact, light weight and multifunctional interpretive ECG Paperless ECG option – download and electronically store ECG traces inside all leading clinical record systems e.g. EMIS, Vision, System One Stand alone use and PC connectivity for paperless ECG options 12 lead,...
  • seca CT8000P Interpretive ECG Machine

    £2,745.00 + VAT
    Equipped to provide paperless ECG options when combined with seca Achimed Passport Patient Record Software allowing transmission of ECG traces into all leading clinical record systems e.g. EMIS, Vision, System One 12 lead high quality interpretive ECG with LCD screen...
  • Seca CTCardioPad ECG 10 inch

    £2,799.00 + VAT
    Revolutionary new ECG with full touch screen technology Simply touch the large 10.4″ high resolution colour displayto record, select and print the highest quality ECG’s faster than you can imagine Advanced processing, instant start-up provides immediate availability – ECG processed,...