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Peak Flow Meters

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  • Mini Wrights Peak Flow Meter – Low Range

    £7.13 + VAT
    The AFS Low Range Peak Flow Meter offers help to patients who cannot obtain a high PEF reading. It is suitable for children and those with severe respiratory problems. Measures PEF from 30-400 l/min Suitable for children and patients with...
  • Mini Wrights Peak Flow Meter – Standard Range

    £7.08 + VAT
    The Mini-Wright Standard is recognised as the “Gold Standard” in Asthma Management. Scale ranges from 60-800 l/min Scale available in three colours for easy readings Hand calibrated for absolute accuracy Easy to clean, lightweight and portable Suitable for both home...
  • Vitalograph asma-1 USB

    £143.00 + VAT
    The Vitalograph asma-1 is a simple to use electronic peak flow meter that measures PEF and FEV1.It offers greater accuracy than a mechanical peak flow meters and eliminates the need for paper record cards.asma-1 USB offers the facility to link...
  • Vitalograph Peak Flow Meter

    £5.00 + VAT
    Accurate, compact, lightweight and portable Robust and hardwearing Features comfortable integral mouthpiece Easily read scale markers Suitable for adults and children Suitable for multi-subject use with SafeTway mouthpiece Conforms to all peak flow standards including ISO23747:2007