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Dexterity & Sensation Testing

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  • Neuropen Monofilaments 10G (5)

    £22.01 + VAT
    Owen Mumford NT0104 10G Monofilament, 5/box. Neuropen has an interchangeable 10g (white) or 15g (red) monofilament which allows the clinician to map areas of sensitivity loss by exerting a specific repeatable force on the test site. Neurotips are sterile, single-use...
  • Purdue Pegboard Test

    £84.64 + VAT
    The Purdue Pegboard Test has been used extensively for over 60 years to aid in the selection of employees for jobs that require fine and gross motor dexterity and coordination. The Purdue Pegboard Test measures gross movements of hands, fingers...
  • Sensation Monofilament Replacement – Purple – Size 4.31 – 2.0 g

    £18.76 + VAT
    This test measures both diminishing and returning sensation. Consists of 20 nylon monofilaments of equal length. Sets of five or six monofilaments and individual replacements are available. Complete instructions and colored pencils included. Supplies in a convenient cary case box.
  • Set of 5 Monofiliments Jamar

    £79.44 + VAT
    Set of 5 Hand Monofilaments – Includes one each of 2.83, 3.61, 4.31, 4.56 and 6.65.
  • Touch Test Monofilaments – Sensory Evaluator Hand Kit (5)

    £231.25 + VAT
    Accurately and conveniently measure threshold of cutaneous sensory perception. Distinguish between normal, diminished light touch, diminished protective sensation, loss of protective sensation, and untestable. Each set comes complete with colour coded, number-engraved monofilaments, instructions, and plastic foam-padded carrying case.
  • Touch Test Two Point Discriminator

    £30.08 + VAT
    Consists of two rotating, plastic disks that are joined together. Tests static and moving two point discrimination of fingers, toes or sensory flaps. Ideal for testing following nerve repair, grafts and innervated tissue transfer for desensitisation or to deter the...