Public access (PAD) and workplace emergency defibrillation is increasingly being seen as mandatory by councils and large organisations and may soon become a legal requirements in many places. We can help you ensure your team is trained to treat sudden cardiac arrest efficiently and effectively.

  • Defibrillation

    Automatic external defibrillators are sophisticated electronic devices designed to administer life saving first aid to victims of sudden cardiac by an untrained members of the public. That said, emergency first aid scenarios are distressing and potentially chaotic events during which the calmer and more focussed a respondent can be the better.

    Having a solid understanding and practical experience of the process of administering AED first aid only improves the likelihood of a positive outcome for the victim. Our ½ day defibrillation courses provide:

    • Basic life support training
    • Base life support testing
    • What is an AED
    • When to use an AED
    • How to use an AED
    • Practical exercises

    Looking to deploy defibrillators in your organisation?

    Our sales team can help you understand the best approach to deploying AEDs in your organisation, the different models available, accessories and maintenance. Just call us today on 0151 482 2830 or just click the link below.

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  • ½ Day Defibrillator First Aid
    £629 + VAT

    For: Up to 12 people

    Venue: Liverpool training centre or your premises

    Duration: ½ day

    Suitability: Anybody wishing to be equipped to administer an automatic external defibrillator

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