Wellbeing and Lifestyle Health Interventions

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Wellbeing and Lifestyle Health Interventions

Executive Medicals

An executive medical may be required by your company’s insurance policy. Aside from this however, a health assessment can give you baseline information about your health and help you to make any necessary improvements or preventative measures, leading to increased feelings of wellness and peace of mind, especially for busy professionals in executive roles.

Most of our executive medicals include a head to toe physical examination, including examination of the heart and chest, blood pressure, height, weight, fat ratio, near vision, distance vision, colour vision and hearing health. In addition, most medicals can include extensive blood testing that will give a detailed overview of health. ECGs can be included if clinically appropriate.

Medical body composition analysis can also be offered, detecting an individual’s muscle mass, fat mass, phase angle and visceral fat using the only body composition analyser designed and validated for medical use.

The phase angle measures the health of the body’s cells. Conclusions about nutrition, body cell regeneration, or water retention can be drawn from the phase angle.
Visceral fat uncovers hidden belly fat. Visceral fat is dangerous belly fat that is known to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart and cardiovascular diseases. Even if it is excessive it can be invisible, because it ‘hides’ between the organs in the body’s core.





Tailored Health and Wellbeing Day

A report from Price Waterhouse Coopers showed a return of £2.67 for every £1 invested in employee wellbeing. While poor diet, alcohol and cigarettes have a severe effect on long-term health, stress and physical inactivity often have the biggest impact on day to day organisational productivity usually through sickness / absence (Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey 2016).

Kays medical look to work with Employers and provide tailored approaches to Employee Wellbeing. By analysing the employee groups health needs, Kays medical can provide a wide range of innovative solutions to mitigate and promote effective management of both work place driven and lifestyle related physical and psychological health issues. Wellbeing events can of course be held at your work, but equally we can host events at our bespoke facility in Liverpool, or indeed make arrangements for other suitable venues.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle intervention Options for ‘Wellbeing days’ include: Blood Pressure Checks, Health MOT / health risk factor checks, Metabolic Age Game, Batak Wall, Juice Bike, Mole and Skin Cancer Check, Drop-in Physiotherapy Clinic, Workplace and Lifestyle Muscular-skeletal focussed Health Education, Head and Neck Massages, Resilience Training,  Yoga and Pilates taster sessions, self-defence introduction session, boxing and martial arts introductory sessions, Fitness Testing (Shuttle run / Chester step test), Dietetic clinics / advice, Kays MHFA introduction, drop-in health advice, sexual health stand, alcohol awareness, EAP.



Employee Health MOT / lifestyle risk assessment

Kays tailored Lifestyle Screen / Health MOT using a number of nationally recognised health risk indicators. Typically, a 20-minute individual intervention with escalation to GP for ongoing health issues. No workplace report would typically be provided other than Male / female participants. Interventions can be bespoke for local employee populations but ideally must only following evidence based pathways.



Dietician Services

There are a vast variety of reasons to eat a balanced diet, particularly when you may have an underlying health condition which may have a stronger relationship with your dietary intake.

Kays Medical can provide tailored Dietetic advice aimed to support your needs and goals so that changes are long-term and personal to you.

Consultations typical focus on subjects such as, weight loss, Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Coeliac Disease/Gluten intolerances, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Heart/cardiovascular diseases, Low body weight, Cancer and treatment side effects, Eating a healthy, balanced diet for improved physical and mental health, Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Consultations in the Liverpool area can be offered both in the workplace, at a North Liverpool clinic, or at home.

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