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  • Celox Haemostatic Gauze (5 foot...

    £52.20 + VAT
    Celox Haemostatic Gauze is a highly effective emergency treatment for life-threatening blood loss. Able to stop even the most severe arterial bleeds, Celox gauze’s effectiveness at saving lives in instances of severe trauma has been proven on the battlefield and...
  • Celox Haemostatic Gauze Roll –...

    £40.60 + VAT
    STOPS BLEEDING AND SAVES LIVES.The only haemostatic gauze used by the UK Minstry of Defence and the haemostat of choice by multiple NATO forces. Celox™ Gauze is the most effective dressing for immediate haemostasis. Celox™ gauze haemostat is for pre-hospital...
  • Celox Rapi Gauze – Z...

    £42.80 + VAT
    THE FASTEST ACTING HEMOSTATIC GAUZE.The fastest acting hemostatic gauze, that stops severe arterial bleeding with only 60 seconds compression.• Works with just 60 seconds compression• Stops severe bleeding – fast• Rapid action reduces blood loss• Stops hypothermic bleeding4 as found...
  • CELOX Training Gauze

    £14.56 + VAT
    Made from exactly the same material as standard CELOX to ensure you get a truly realistic training experience. CELOX Gauze has highly effective Celox granules bonded on to the surface of a stable gauze which will not compact under pressure....
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