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Care Plus Foot Powder – 40g

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£4.99 + VAT


  • Dries the feet and helps to prevent blisters
  • Cools the skin and absorbs moisture
  • Reduces and prevents a burning sensation on the feet

You can prevent blisters by wearing comfortable shoes that fit properly, but even with the necessary precautions, you can still develop blisters after a long walk or a hike. To prevent this, treat your feet with Care Plus Foot Powder before you set off as this foot powder absorbs moisture, keeps the feet dry, and helps to prevent blisters. It also cools skin and reduces and prevents a burning sensation. Dust feet with foot powder before and during long walks and hikes. Air-dry feet before applying the foot powder and remove any excess powder before putting on socks. Ideal for dusting around the edges of bandages and tape to prevent clothing from sticking.

Ingredients: Talc, Menthol


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