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Kays Medical

Response Premium Super Absorbent Deodorised Powder – 500g

£46.47 + VAT

Lead time: 1 days

Sku: RES403


£46.47 + VAT

<P>RESPONSE Premium Super Absorbent Deodorized Powder – capable of absorbing up to 300 times its own weight in water and reducing bad smells during and after clean up.</P><P>When&nbsp; sprinkled onto a spill the fluid is almost immediately transformed into a manageable gel, for easy containment and disposal, making cleaning and disinfection easier and more effective, whilst the deodoriser removes any unpleasant odours.</P><P>Benefits:</P><P> Non-toxic<BR> Non-corrosive<BR> Non-bleaching<BR> Biodegradable<BR> Convenient and economical<BR> Instant absorption<BR> Suitable for use on carpets</P>