Kays Medical partners with non-profit organisation KnifeSavers in a life-saving campaign.

Jul 2023
News, Press Release

Kays Medical has recently partnered with KnifeSavers, a not-for-profit programme that empowers people to deal with bleeding caused by knife injuries.

Kays’ critical role is to provide the Bleeding Control Kits and Cabinets that have been designed by leading trauma clinicians at Aintree Hospital’s Major Trauma Centre.
The Kits allow members of the public to control bleeding following a stabbing incident and give the victim that vital time needed to get them to a hospital and be treated by a medical professional.

Kays Medical CEO Ben Ludzker commented, “I am proud that Kays can support the amazing work that the KnifeSavers team are doing to help them get as many of these life saving kits into public places as we can.
The ambition is to have a Bleed Control Cabinet on every high street and all prominent venues in the UK so that they are accessible to everyone in the event of an emergency. That’s how we’ll save lives.”

Kays Medical recently donated 20 Bleed Control Kits to the Ava White Foundation along with specialist equipment for use in a recent training event hosted by the Foundation and the KnifeSavers team.

Ludzker said “Kays Medical has always been and will continue to be committed to helping the community. We look forward to a long and life-saving partnership with KnifeSavers in the years to come.”

For more information, visit the KnifeSavers website: http://www.knifesavers.co.uk